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I have two great choices for you in this collection.  My go to option is NORMAN. This choice would be due to the innovations that this company brings to the market.  A superior cordless system that operates with such ease.  In addition to the superior cordless option, they are the only ones to provide commercial clients with Smart Release option.  This allows the client to pull the chain a short distance and releases the shade in a smooth glide - to stop: pull the chain in reverse and it locks in place   The second option is Horizon Shades.   They have an exhaustive collection of fabric and colors for any home.  


​      The Roller Shade, over the last 2 decades has made a revolutionary transformation into a dynamic presentation for any room.  The colors and fabrics are endless to choose from. Another benefit of having so many to choose from is that there is something for everyone here no matter what the budget.

    You can start with a screen shade that is used by many restaurant and offices.  The next step up, an elegant translucent, which can tame the light and give off a champagne glow.   Lastly,  if you want to take an afternoon and transfer it to a moonlit night, a bold blackout works perfectly. 

    The Roller Shade can be installed under a Top Treatment like a Cornice.  Roller Shades can be selected with a cassette ( rounded style, fabric covered ).  Another valance option would be the simple classic style valance  ( squared shape ).  

Operating options:  Stainless Steel chain, Smart Release (Norman only ) ,  Cordless,  Motorized. 


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$225-350 AVG

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