honeycomb - cellular shade​

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A Very Energy Efficient Choice
An accordion folding shade.  The cellular structure allows it to be a great insulator for the home. An endless variety of colors to choose from.  The cell structure comes in a variety of options – single cell, double cell, and triple cell.  The sizes of these can vary from 3/8 inch, 9/16 inch, ¾ inch, and even 1 ¼ inch. 

The Norman company once again has surpassed the competition with its innovative engineering of products.   The cordless option on this shade is state of the are.   Going against all other manufacturer's,  the Norman Company uses a scissor criss cross lifting system on the shade.   The Norman Cordless Shade can never be lifted crooked and left crooked in the window.   This feature alone sells it.   
Honeycomb shades can operate top/down -- bottom /up, and standard. Cordless is swiftly becoming the normal choice to control them. 
This shade works best in a window that has a pocket to fit the shade into.  The honeycomb helps block drafts in the winter and ease the heat in the summer time.  They are white on the backside to provide a uniform exterior appearance on the home.

         This shade is an excellent choice for those windows that are very high up and cannot be controlled from the main floor.   The motorized option allows the homeowner to gain control of the shade and to enjoy the window open entirely or closed up tight.  The most affordable motorized choice.  

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