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    Draperies are an incredible way to fully dress out a room. You can adorn them around any window, with or without other Window Treatments, and the look can be outstanding.  I don’t know of too many limitations, when it comes to draperies. 

    The most important word here is that all draperies ordered will be lined, using a water repellant premium lining.   There are plenty of pleating styles to choose from.   Horizon's fabrics are awesome, but if they are not to your liking , fabric can always be acquired by client elsewhere and custom made in the same manner. 

    Hardware is also available.  Whether, Wood or Metal, Duff's has you covered.  There are about 4 different places that I can order from. This way we can fulfill the desired look for the customer. 

      I am now offering from creative threads a ready made fully lined panels.   96 and 108 inches tall.   This works great for rooms where that height is just right and the customer already has the hardware available.  In addition,  the price is just right!

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